​Roger Doyle

Roger Doyle is one of Ireland’s most prominent and important music composers, with a catalogue of recordings and performances stretching back into the mid 1970s whilst studying music in Holland, Finland and Ireland. Most revered for his electro-acoustic avant-garde works such as the multifaceted, conceptual “Babel” Doyle has also involved himself in theatre, soundtrack composition and multimedia performance, alongside working within Aosdána and Trinity College. Winner of the prestigious Magisterium Award (with The Ninth Set from Passades) at the Bourges International Electro-acoustic Music Competition in 2007, Doyle will feature at different locations and times during Open Ear 2018, presenting varied pieces in both style and composition.

Áine O'Dwyer

Be it performing as part of United Bible Studies or presenting her solo work, Áine O’Dwyer embodies what it means to be an experimental musician. Her tape release Music For Church Cleaners on Fort Evil Fruit was a landmark release for the label and her releases since then have displayed her range and incredible talent. We absolutely cannot wait to see what Áine offers up for us at Open Ear this year and, to be honest, we can’t even begin to predict what it may entail given the range of her output but we can most definitely guarantee that it’ll be one of the most unique and unmissable performances of the weekend.



From the abstract to the ambient to the ‘floor, Dreamcycles has been making waves across Dublin club-nights over the last few years whilst also venturing beyond these Dj confines with sound art installation work and her own productions, in what continues to a be an anomalous adventure in tone.


Sleep Concert w/ Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound)

Steven Stapleton is the founding - and only constant - member of Nurse With Wound, the infamous avant-garde entity regarded as one of the pioneers of Industrial music alongside Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, Current 93 and Coil, all of whom Stapleton has collaborated with. For this unique, all night performance Stapleton will traverse his extensive back catalogue, re-imagining and re-contextualising Nurse With Wound's music for the resting and dreaming mind and body of those in attendance.

Spaces will be available on a first come, first served basis to punters who hold BOTH a Opening Concert ticket and a Weekend Pass. The intimate nature of the event means that the capacity is very limited. The performance will run through the night finishing at 7am followed by breakfast for all attendees, free of charge.

To register for this event fill in the form below: 
Sleep Concert Registration


Vicky Langan

A prominent and important figure in Cork’s art, film and experimental music scenes for many years, Langan’s works have traversed performance, audio and the moving image. A notably striking presence within her own works we’ve invited Vicky to delve into her music collection and present it to the Open Ear audience, to find out what influences and excites this bold and inimitable artist.

Davy Kehoe

Kehoe’s debut Lp, Long Passing Game was one of the most revered Irish releases in 2017 both at home and abroad. A rare talent, who’s music touches on post punk, techno, krautrock and rockabilly (if you are to believe his discogs page), the album’s uniqueness sits perfectly at home on the Wah Wah Wino imprint, the loose limbed (as is possible) collective, many of whom lent a hand in the recording of the album, and some of whom will also join Davy live for what sure to be a diverse, unpredictable and beautifully impulsive performance.


Not many artists get to debut on such a prominent label as Downwards -  one of our favourites here at Open Ear - but that’s how it went down for the young Derry native, Christian Donaghy  aka Autumns. With EPs following on Clan Destine and CF Records Autumns has been gaining a reputation for his intense, pulsating live performances, shaking rooms (and sound-systems) to their very core, so we figured we needed to let him loose in the Open Ear tent in 2018. Be ready, be very ready


Robert Curgenven

The Australian born, Cork based artist wowed us last year with a gut rattling experience of drone that enthralled some and made others slightly unsure of themselves. With that in mind, we wanted to have him return again this year, to see what approach he’ll take in making us consider our physical experience of sound through our bodies. Combining field records, feedback, pipe organs, turntables and custom-made vinyl his installations and live performances are many and varied, all of them brought together by an unrelenting intensity. His appearance at Open Ear this year should be no different. 

Robert's Website

Whirling Hall of Knives

Whirling Hall of Knives were one of our two last minute cancellations in 2017, and one year on we’re still not sure what to expect from this abrasive duo’s meshing of techno, noise and electronics in the live arena, but we’re still just as excited as before.   


Don Rosco

Holding it down for a good long while on the Dublin music scene, and on air, Don Rosco plays everything from hypermonged krauty goodness to future-rushing hardcore. We've got him down to Open Ear for an extended footwork set. Purveyor of the unadulterated sound direct from Chicago, there'll be a spot prize of a pack of babywipes for the best dancer.

From The Bogs of Augishka

A stark and intimidating proposition, From The Bogs of Aughiska is a particular blend of drone metal, dark ambient & rural and historical Irish culture. Based in the unforgiving west coast of Ireland, this at times cruel environment feeds into the brutal sound sculptures that ebb and flow from albums such as Roots Of This Earth Within My Blood. With such unusual music brings unusual concepts, one of which Open Ear will present to you for this music.  



The music of LAIR, a nomadic vocalist, composer, artist and producer is shrouded in mystery. With a varied history, including work under the names Laura Kitty and LuminouSound, the music of LAIR incorporates mysticism, sacred geometry, energy and sound as her voice is electronically manipulated to create drone and rhythmically focused soundscapes, burrowing into the world of music as a ritualistic and healing force. 



A vocal ensemble led by the composer Robbie Blake, it is somewhat fitting for our coastal based festival that their name translates into English as Waves. With a multi-disciplinary history that involves collaborations in modern dance, live art and theatre, Tonnta pride themselves in their accessibility and versatility, and we are truly intrigued to hear how they help soothe the heads of the night before over this coming June bank holiday weekend.  


With 2 years of Shivers parties behind him Eoin has brought heavy hitters such as Omar S, Tamo Sumo, Sadar Bahar and Ge-ology to Galway for their debut performances. Eoin himself is no shrinking violet behind the decks either, an energetic and eclectic Dj, exactly the sort of selector we think is perfectly suited to our tent on Sherkin’s north shore.



Over the last few years Brian McNamara has embedded himself in Ireland’s electronic music culture, be it his varied dj sets, his techno music releases on Irish imprint Vision Collector and also as one of the founding members of DDR - Dublin Digital Radio, the most important online radio station to emerge in Ireland in many years. With all that said and done, we figured it's time to hand over the controls to him on the main stage in 2018.


Danny Deepo

An unfortunate last minute cancellation in 2017 Deepo crafts tracks using turntables, synths, drum machines and imagination, drawing on traditional Irish music, ambient hip hop, Deepo sticks true to the craft of turntable music. A member of Vince Mack Mahon, and Community Skratch Games regular, Deepo’s most recent solo output has been most vividly realised on his head twisting album Sounds From A Living Planet.



The musical endeavour of former D1 Recordings artist David Donohoe, Rainfear is a free-wheeling improvisational group featuring at different times or all at once, David Lacey, Fergus Cullen, Peter Maybury and Donohoe himself. With performances ranging from those featuring all four, to Donohoe on his own to those which also brings in other musicians, we are left with the tantalising prospect of a wholly unique and unpredictable performance this coming June.


Flowers at Night

Juno Cheetal will be the first resident of Sherkin Island to perform at the festival, so that alone has gotten us pretty hyped. A collector of vintage synthesisers and drum machines her Flowers At Night project delves into the world of wistful, dreamlike - sometimes  haunting - cosmic synthesia; a performance that promises to give us a unique insight into the life of someone who calls Sherkin home for more than just one weekend of the year.



A brand new three piece comprised of artist / musician Irene Buckley, Elaine Howley of The Altered Hours / Morning Veils and Roslyn Steer of Morning Veils / KantCope label, theirs is a quietly evocative sound, comprised of sparse drums, layered vocals and a synthesiser driven ambience that recalls leftfield pop and wave music. The sounds of Crevice will slowly but surely seep into your daydreams as the waters gently lap up against the rocks of the shores of Sherkin Island.


Wino Wagon

Musical wunderkids or arch pranksters? It’s fair to say a little bit of both. With seemingly little interest in taking anything too seriously it would also be foolish of the listener to not take them seriously, as below their appearance lies some of the most inventive, unique and downright fun music to emerge from machines in ireland in the last 5 years. Expect an equally eclectic and far flung dj set at this year’s festival.

Soft Stone

The production alias of DIP crew member Enda Rowan, he debuted on wax in 2017 with the sublime “Stretching” on Jheri Tracks, a strong calling card in just one track if ever there was one. While that is the only recorded material out there at the moment, Enda has also been working on - and delivering - a live set over the last couple of years that we are sure will go down well as OE eases into the night-time…



Tuuun is the music making alias of Steve MacEvoy, who's based in Malmo Sweden and will be flying in specially for this year's OE. While his music could be loosely classified as Techno, and in many ways embodies the restless, yearning creativity of that genre's early days, it is certainly unlike anything else being made today. Perhaps the term Hooligan Electronics (a term used to describe Spanish acid abusers EVOL, who McEvoy has recently released on his label FLUF) is a good term. Infinitesimal changes in gnarly rhythmic loops wreak psychoacoustic havoc on unsuspecting listeners. Contact a member of staff if you start to feel unwell during his set.

Eamonn Doyle

D1 Recordings and DEAF Festival are two of the most important electronic music endeavours ever to come out of Ireland; indeed in recent years D1 Recordings reputation has only grown and even though the label has been quiet for 4 years now, there are whispers of new developments on the horizon...For 8 years Dublin Electronic Arts Festival brought to the capital a week long festival fit to match any other of its kind anywhere in the world. For much of this we have Eamonn Doyle to thank for, and on top of it all he’s an absolutely killer dj, so we’re super hyped to have him play his first Irish festival in 7 years.

D1 Recordings Bandcamp


Mikron are the brothers Ciaran and Michael Corcoran, Australians resettled in Ireland - The duo have been releasing super sleek yet driving electro and techno since 2014, on The Hacker’s Zone label plus the awesome Sheffield based Central Processing Unit. You can’t really argue with that, now can you. They will deliver their first live performance in Ireland of 2018 at this year’s festival.



Ian O’Donnell / Eomac and Dara Smith / Arad have been embedded in the fabric of Ireland’s club culture for over a decade now and since the beginning of this decade have risen to prominence as some of the most exciting techno producers in the world. With albums and Eps on legendary labels such as R&S Records and Blueprint, they are continuously pushing techno forward in original and unusual ways, be it in the studio or in their live / AV / Dj sets. After Eomac’s thrilling solo performance at OE ‘17 we’re delighted to bring Lakker to our main stage in 2018. 


Shane O'Meara

Lunar Disko’s Dublin foot soldier, Shane holds the fort for the long standing and revered label on home shores, co-running the imprint whilst holding residence at their monthly night in Anseo. Shane’s record collection ventures further than the electro and house styles the label is mainly associated with, most notably a dedicated collection of techno much of which skewers away from the obvious and hyped, often unearthing lost gems from spaces that the Discogs gougers have forgotten. 


Gavin Prior

As well as being the founder of the ace Desserted village, Gavin Prior is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist working at the nexus of several different styles, and until recently was a key member of United Bible Studies, an act described by the Wire as being a "free-flowing folk-drone-jazz-noise outfit ". Perhaps he will touch on a few of those musical cornerstones for his OE appearance, or else take off to uncharted territory.

Little Movies

In 2018 the ever evolving in any direction it feels like Wah Wah Wino imprint has just delivered the debut release of Little Movies, a collaboration between Morgan Buckley and Ben Donoghue. Disappearing into the further reaches of improvised electronics, their live performances are a weird, sometimes intimidating, other times humorous exploration of synthesisers, electronics and whatever else they can find to plug in.  


¡No!'s music is a perfect encapsulation of tension and release, both unsettling and engrossing. Their recent lp Sediments, which appeared on Little Gem records, was one of last year's best Irish albums. While they describe their music as Psych Rock, there are also elements of Jazz in the sparseness of some of their arrangements and drone in their unconventional sonics, with remarkable sounds being rung from familiar instruments.


A mainstay of clubbing in Galway for many a year now, you are likely to hear classic disco, a Bernadette Devlin sample, Clannad, or many permutations of house and bass music in the eclectic performances of Simon Price. He may even regale you of that time he brought Ben UFO over to Galway before anyone cared who he was. If anything that lets you know that as far reaching back into history that his musical choices go, he still has one foot firmly planted in the future.

Now You're Swingin'

A monthly podcast of music and chat hosted by Dunk Murphy (Sunken Foal) and Michael “Grevs” Greville, wherein the hosts take us on a journey through the farthest reaches of their record collections in between discussing this, that and everything else, we’re hoping they take to the mic on Sunday afternoon at OE ‘18 alongside delving through said collections.


Barry Major Problems

There has been so many glowing write ups on this Irish djing one-man institution and label owner (of the mighty Major Problems) that it’s hard to know what to say that hasn’t been already. Mixing and set building that pretty much puts everyone else around him to shame, Barry keeps his tastes as fresh and as varied as anyone, all of which allows him to easily slot into many environments with much ease. Sure we may as well add that he’s also incredibly genial and an impressive triathlete and though at this moment in time we can’t confirm if he’ll cycle all the way from Ringsend to Sherkin before playing, we wouldn’t put it past him.

Major Problems Bandcamp


Neil O’Connor has been recording music since the late 90s and since his time in The Redneck Manifesto (who themselves still reappear from time to time) he has been a staple of the Irish alternative music scene, be it recording with said Rednecks, The Connectfour Orchestra or, most notably in recent years, as a solo artist under the moniker of Somadrone. With the brand new album “Wellpark Avenue” about to be released on his own Scintilla Recordings, he departs from the more electronic-heavy influences of his more recent releases. With this new album and a change in his recording process comes his own style of psychedelia, the howling infinite, which will be presented to you at OE 2018. 

Somadrone's website


Lerosa is Italy’s most prolific Irish-based electronic music producer of the last 25 years - Ah, all joking aside, Leopoldo Rosa’s musical output since the mid ‘00s has seen him traverse house, techno, electro and ambient, releasing on such lauded and influential labels as Further Records, Idle Hands, Ferox and Ostgut Ton alongside our own D1 Recordings, Lunar Disko and Apartment Records. Lerosa will be performing a rare live set delving off into more leftfield excursions, all of it created especially for Open Ear.


The Cyclist

Returning after a triumphant DJ set on the Sunday of last years festival and with a new album “Sapa Inca Delirium” on Hypercolour under his belt, this time around Andrew Morrison will be delivering one of his hectic, loose limbed live sets to the Open Ear masses. Expect the heaviest, yet warmest of basslines, crackling breakbeats and flourishing melodies to crash in, over and on top of themselves in a beautiful collage of his inimitable tape throb sound.



Having made an appearance as part of the Where The Time Goes showcase at the inaugural OE in 2016 we are thrilled to have Minos return to the Open Ear main stage to bring his unique brand of left-field techno, house and electronica for our 2018 edition.

Byron Yeates

first coming to notice out the whest in Galway town with the Alice club night, Byron Yates has gone on to become one of Ireland’s most exciting Djs. A propulsive mixer of house, techno and disco, his sets have fired up dancefloors all the way from the Aran Islands to Panorama Bar in Berlin, where Byron now resides. It’s gonna get sweaty on Sherkin.


Barry Lynn

Writing some of the most iconic dubstep tracks from the genre's heyday; re-configuring footwork through a VHS prism; engaging the modern classical sensibility on the Taurus Tapes. Whether it's as Boxcutter, The Host, or under his own name, Barry Lynn is one of the most singular musical talents to emerge from Ireland. The term oneiric, which he presciently chose as the title for his debut album, is as good a descriptor of his music as any we could come up with. Responsible for some of our favourite (if hazy) festival memories, it's an honour to have him play Open Ear for the first time.


Originating from Nantes in France but based in Dublin in recent years, Endrift exists on the fringes of the Irish clubbing scene, yet her sporadic appearances display a prowess for djing far more exciting than many of those who populate the centre. A focused dedication to digging for techno and electro records that remove her bags of the obvious, giving a platform to a performer such as Endrift is why we do this thing in the first place. 


Who's The Technician

Another one of the 456 different aliases of the wino crew. Who knows who it's comprised of, or what they'll play or who's the technician. To find out the answers to these questions and more sure buy a ticket...

Digital Druids

What IS Yoga for the Eyes you may ask? For every question there is any range of answers, of which only you can fully realise…

Do you find yourself asking questions such as “Who am I?” “What am I?”

“What good have worldly possessions if I do not know how to be at one?”

“What good are material experiences if I do not have inner peace?”

It’s time to mix up the morning routine.

Skip the gym, forget the coffee.

In association with The Digital Druids, Yoga for the Eyes  promises to awaken you to a whole new paradigm of health, wealth, happiness, success, prosperity and possibility. Yoga for Eyes is the promise that you can become something more - that there is a better way to live. This is the last moment of the way things used to be.

Through active participation in this visual retreat you will have the opportunity to create a whole new paradigm of the self - within you are the seeds of greatness."

Dabbledoo Music

Dabbledoo Music, the interactive and educational music workshop make a welcome return to the North Shore on the Friday of OE '18. This year they will be accompanied by Gavin Prior for an exclusive, once off workshop!

Linda Buckley and Laura Sheeran

Linda Buckley and Laura Sheeran present "Deep In The Wave"

'Wild spirit that dwellest
Deep, deep, in the Wave
Swims — lost — lament of Minstrel'

Inspired by the work of nineteenth century Cork born poet JJ Callanan who wrote extensively about Sherkin Island and Cape Clear, Deep in the Wave is an audio-visual installation rooted in my own experience of growing up on the Old Head of Kinsale, further along the coastline of Cork, with visuals by Laura Sheeran, each connected to the often otherworldly power of the sea and the mystery of what lies beneath.

Richard Carr

Richard Carr presents "Dozing of a City" 

Richard Carr currently lives and works in both Dublin and Wexford. He has firmly established himself as one of Ireland’s prominent young artists exhibiting alongside leading practitioners such as; Bill Viola, John Wynne, Salomé Voegelin, Eva Rothschild, Dorothy Cross, Alice Maher, Gerard Byrne, Yann Novak, among others. His upcoming solo exhibition (July 2018) at MOCA London has been selected by Culture Ireland to feature as part of Ireland’s National programme of events in Great Britain.

His work was recently selected for the finalists’ exhibition for the Hotron Prize at VISUAL, Carlow, ISSTA 2016 at VOID Derry/Londonderry and the F15 Festival in association with the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. Over the years, his practice has been supported by various public bodies including South Dublin, Waterford and Wexford Co. Co.  ArtLinks and for 2018 Culture Ireland.

He recently featured as part of Ireland’s National 1916 Centenary Programme, was long-listed for the Celeste International Art Prize and shortlisted for the Ireland’s Emerging Visual Artist Award. 

Linda O'Keefe

Linda O'Keefe presents Hybrid Soundscapes (5 Speaker Piece)

This art work represents the soundscapes of four different spaces, a combination of the sounds of renewable technologies, rural and natural soundscapes, the sounds of communities and urban noisescapes. The combined graphic score/sound map and sound work represent a composite of my time spent in each location.   Although each wall is located within a different location, in total the work is an holistic representation of the non-linear way in which sound moves through a space and has an impact beyond its origin.  

The research was triggered by an experience in Iceland in 2015 while recording the interior sounds of a hydroelectric power station. The sounds produced by this structure permeated both the interior and exterior spaces, including beneath the river, within the landscape and within my body.  This embodied experience produced feelings of distress and physical nausea. In addition, this large scale structure seemed to employ few people to operate it offering no potential economic opportunities for locals within Iceland, a country now dependant on Hydro power.

This raised questions about the development of new technologies to tackle climate change, and which for a variety of reasons might not be examined for potential detrimental societal or environmental impacts. This is in part because they are seen to be better than oil, gas, coal etc. That same year I began documenting the impact of the large wind farms of the Terra Alta Region of Northern Spain which continued into 2016. In 2017 I began to explore the societal impact of the wind farms in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Barrow in Furness in the UK. Finally, last summer was spent in China exploring the soundscape of both the rural and urban Beijing Soundscape.  The Chinese governments goal of being the largest producer of renewable energies on the planet lies in stark contrast to its over populated cities and high use of coal and oil in industry.   

Roger Doyle and Tim Redfern present The Ninth Set

 Visual & graphic artist Tim Redfern will create a special, visual spectacle to accompany a playback of Roger Doyle's The Ninth Set a collection of short form works for which he was awarded the Magisterium Prize at the Bourges International Electro-Acoustic Music Competition in France in 2007.

The Ninth Set on Bandcamp


North Shore

St Mona’s Church

Jolly Roger

Sherkin Community Hall

Opening Concert